I provide a deeper understanding of why donors give and strategies for helping your organization raise more money.

I provide a deeper understanding of why donors give and strategies for helping your organization raise more money.

The Philanthropy Blueprint

With a Philanthropy Blueprint in place, organizations are well-positioned to successfully grow and sustain their development programs – allowing for a greater emphasis on major and legacy gifts, in addition to diversifying and increasing your event and annual fund donors through strategic stewardship and communications.

STEP 1: Conduct stakeholder interviews

My engagement begins with stakeholder interviews to solicit the valuable input and perspectives of those closest to your organization – donors, funders, board members, constituents, and community partners.

Step 2: Assess culture, infrastructure and results

At the same time, I’ll work with you to gather information about your current and past fundraising practices and outcomes and your organizational culture. From your marketing material and case for support to fundraising history and budgets, I’ll audit your development program to feed our recommendations for how you move forward.

As part of this process, I’ll bring your board and staff together for The Fundraising 360° – a dynamic and engaging workshop where together I explore past initiatives and current programs while providing an overview of the evolution and principles of fundraising as well as new statistics and trends.

Steps 3 & 4: Propose recommendations and create key performance indicators (KPI’s)

Finally, I share and synthesize everything learned through the assessment into a comprehensive fundraising plan that provides strategy and actionable steps tailored to your organization’s needs and potential, including:

  • Donor engagement and cultivation system (our signature Donor Engagement Calendar)
  • Financial target revenue recommendations
  • Staffing resource allocation and priority initiatives
  • Sample key performance indicators (KPI’s)

Step 5: Educate and implement

Once I’ve shared your Philanthropy Blueprint and accompanying tools with you, you’ll be positioned to start implementing and executing your plan.

Step 6: Implementation partnership (optional)

Designed to provide just the right amount of expert support for organizations implementing strategic fundraising plans, developing and training new staff, and or instituting an accountability system.


I will help you determine if your organization is ready for a capital campaign, how much you can expect to raise, and how to prepare.

A feasibility study can help answer
the following questions:

  1. Is the cause compelling?
  2. Does the project make sense and offer a solution?
  3. Is there support among board and volunteer leadership?
  4. Who are the potential campaign leaders and/or prospects?
  5. Are there any external concerns?
  6. Is the timing right for a campaign?
  7. How much should the organization expect to raise?

A feasibility study is a must.

Organizations that are committed to this investment develop realistic goals and stronger cases for support by proactively addressing issues and roadblocks. As a result, they have a greater likelihood of reaching – and often exceeding – their financial goals.

One of the biggest benefits of this process is the awareness and excitement generated among those closest to the organization while encouraging them to see their own role in the campaign.

Feasibility studies are an excellent stewardship activity with many positive, and often unanticipated, outcomes during the campaign.


We will help you ensure success by building a sound infrastructure for your campaign and serving as your accountability partner.

Let’s make something together.

“Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving.” 

Hank Rosso